Cape Cod Grandmothers Against GunViolence
P.O. Box 877, Barnstable, MA 02630

Start a Chapter of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence

Welcome! If you are interested in starting a new chapter of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence (GAG), please follow the steps below.

It is important that your objectives align with our organization:

Great! You've read about GAG and you'd like to proceed.

Now please contact Cape Cod GAG, either at
Twisted Gun Sculpture
This twisted gun says it all for one of
our members in Stockholm, Sweden
or at
P.O. Box 877
Barnstable, MA 02630
with the following information:

  1. Please supply your name, address, mailing address, email, phone number, and cell number.
  2. Please tell us what motivates you to start a GAG chapter in your area.
  3. Please confirm that you have reviewed the mission statement and goals and procedural overview and that you are in agreement.

Thank you! We hope to hear from you soon!